acid-free relationships

Classic Red Moleskine
I need to buy one soon. My mind is in a disarray and my thoughts need a place to stay. They are complaining because they are so crammed and unclassified inside my head. THEY NEED TO BE PROCESSED! Oh, moleskine, Drop your prices soon!!!!

Anne DL

I found this interesting moleskine art from the web. Her art is sick!! I wish my THP will be as alive as hers. I'll try to make it as interesting, colorful and sensible(this one is difficult though).

I feel detached lately. :( I'm not sure as to whom and why. I was drawn to think and ponder about my ways, my character, my life,my God in the past days. How quickly time flies by and I'm close to becoming hopeless regarding one of my prayer items -- a language scholarship in South Korea. I'm full of worries about the future again, a sign of unbelief. I need to sit and study my Bible again. To drink deep, to devour ravenously and freely bask in the richness of God's Word. I got used to nuggets of truth and I haven't had a "full-meal" since forever.
To my coffeedate,
I love you.
I can't think of any other words to say.
Thank you for today and for the decades
and even a lifetime of friendship to come.
I'll never be an old friend. <3
Im so gonna be like Eli forever.

fantasy sequence?

I'm sorry but this is my blog, so I'm gonna
be taller than you. LOL

<3 Ming

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