voracious reader's wish list

if ever you wanna show me some love...

fiction to read:
NP,Goodbye Tsugumi, Hard-boiled and Hard Luck, Kitchen - Banana Yoshimoto
The Bluest Eye, Tar Baby - Toni Morrison
A Spot of Bother- Mark Haddon
All of C.S. Lewis
Lemony Snickets
The Sunflower-Simon Wiesenthal

Heaven-Randy Alcorn
Pilgrim's Progress
COnfessions- St. Augustine

:to be updated(soon):

and if really want to show more love...

1. Sunlit
2. Glass Panels
3. Extensive collection of books
4. Piano
5. Interesting bookcase
6. Spacious
7. Secluded
= almost perfect
kulang ng mattress sa gitna, isang puting couch at throw pillows.

:) uhm, sounds like Project Sanctuary?

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