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It is, in fact, the very law of transitory things that, here on earth where such things are at home, some should be born while others die, the weak should give way to the strong and the victims should nourish the life of the victors. If the beauty of this order fails to delight us, it is because we ourselves, by reason of our mortality, are so enmeshed in this corner of the cosmos that we fail to perceive the beauty of a total pat­tern in which the particular parts, which seem ugly to us, blend in so harmonious and beautiful a way. That is why, in those situations where it is beyond our power to under­stand the providence of God, we are rightly commanded to make an act of faith rather than allow the rashness of human vanity to criticize even a minute detail in the master­piece of our Creator.

-St. Augustine of Hippo


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Profitez des petits plaisirs de la vie, car un jour vous vous rendrez compte qu'ils ├ętaient vraiemnt de grans plaisirs."

-wisdom from an Ivory bar soap