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Monday, June 02, 2008

12:56 PM


Lunchtime, a time where we can spot plenty of Mutya's relatives inside the mall. We always made it a point to just stare and be in awe of there beauty -- unconventional beauty that is. Weeks later, we saw Mutya, her delicate and gentle beauty, her unique charm. I was definitelycaptivated by her. That's when we decided to save her, and that we'll go back to take her away from that place. So do you know what Mutya is? Why I named her the way I did? Maybe the title made your eyebrows rise.

The truth is Mutya is a CACTUS. A very pretty and special cactus. I've been recently fascinated by these creatures called cacti. I have been battling with magnified insecurities for the past month because of constant teasing and mean remarks from my peers. And then, I came across a bunch of cacti in Megamall, I was really captivated. I can say that these creatures are less preferred than bouquets of roses, daisies or tulips. A cactus in a sea of fakeflowers. That's when I realized that I was like a cactus,

I am a cactus

Just like a cactus, I'm not what the society or the people call beautiful. Just like a cactus, I’m unconventionally beautiful but nonetheless beautiful. Just like a cactus, I put on a fa├žade of thorns thinking they make me brave but actually needs someone to look after me. Just like a cactus, I'm SPECIAL. BEAUTIFUL. UNIQUE. And if ever, I'm at my lowest I'll remember that my Savior King thinks that….

I'm the prettiest CACTUS in His eyes.

No one else's opinion matters.

PS (Mutya is a gift from my best friend)

Kei (http://profiles.friendster.com/8283261)

I'll take good care of Mutya. She's my baby now.

Thank you for giving her to me. Such a wonderful gift.

And surely, you made me happy and Mutya as well.


"For everything that God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected.."

1 Timothy 4;4

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