Pierced Monday.

This afternoon was an excellent way for Aboji to teach me Isaiah 53 in a new light.

Tatin, my 5-year-old nephew was playing with Kurt, our neighbor. After I took a bath, I was shocked to hear Tatin screaming and crying. He was brought to me by Mom and it was then that I saw him, bloody hands, arms and shirt. I'm not sure what happened. There were several deep cuts on his palms and arms and they were bleeding profusely as he continued wailing. I went and washed his open wounds making his scream louder. I was fighting back tears, for once I must appear strong enough for him in that helpless situation. Mom was there with us, scolding and blaming Tatin for being so careless. I got angry. Tatin, was a kid and what do you except from a kid? Of course, he'll act like a kid, after all he's 5 not 25. Somehow, I managed to gently persuade Mom to quit scolding and blaming the little boy, it was not helping in any way. As I continue to wash his wounds, I was bewildered to hear what was on his mind at that painful moment.

"What if Mom knew I got injured, for sure she'll hit me and scold me."
and he continued to cry even more.

I could not believe that's what he was caring about when he was already in deep pain. I was surprised to know that he was fearful of his parents and instead of running towards them for comfort and refuge, he was ready to ran away from them for safety. I'm not sure if his young mind understood the gravity of his statement, but it sure was a wake-up call for me. Not only what atmosphere I will provide my future family but to the family that I have here and now.

I was cradling him awhile ago, hoping somehow that doing so will help ease his pain. I didn't know what to say to him so all I did was be there. I told him that his wounds will be gone sooner if he treat and clean it. At first he resisted but after a few minutes I finally persuaded him.

Since I just took a bath and I hurriedly attended to his needs, I was not able to dry my hair properly. I asked him if I could do so and his response melted my heart,

"Just stay here with me Tita."
almost begging me to stay.
he didn't want anyone else to care for him.

I wept and embraced him, who cares about my dripping wet hair? He needed me, he wanted me and that's all that I care about.

As he was watching Cartoon Network, I went and washed the dishes. I could not contain my heart any longer. I felt helpless because of the situation so I cried out to God in prayer, telling him about my worries and realizations. I scrubbed every bit of anxiety with the peace of God.
Then I remembered Isaiah 53. All the things that happened that afternoon was a small scale portrayal of the Calvary. Tatin was just my nephew, I was not his mother and yet the pain that I felt was unbearable. What more did God felt when he gave His only begotten Son, to reconcile his people back to Him? I will never be able to comprehend.

Isaiah 53:10 (New International Version)

10 Yet it was the LORD's will to crush him and cause him to suffer,
and though the LORD makes[a] his life a guilt offering,
he will see his offspring and prolong his days,
and the will of the LORD will prosper in his hand.

Kuya Caleb asked me ages ago, "Who or What killed Christ?" The Jews? The Roman soldiers? The World's Sin? The nail? Christ Himself [I thought he just gave up breathing (cf Luke 23:46)]? I was not prepared to hear the truth, that it was God and His Will that killed Christ (I'm using the word killed here loosely). You bet I was offended, I was even scandalized. I was sure, God will not do anything like that and yet it was the truth, the awefully and wonderfully painful truth.

How did it feel for God to do such thing? God has emotions, and none of those were sinful so I imagined his heart probably broken beyond comprehension.

Mark 15:33 (New International Version)

33At the sixth hour darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour. 34And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?"—which means, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

and I somehow caught a glimpse of His pain.

I'll never know
How much it cost
to see my sins
upon that Cross

Aboji, It was a humbling experience to be Tatin's hands for a while.
We decided to look at the brighter side of things.
Since he can't use both his hands, I have a reason to spoon feed him
and to help him drink water and to bathe him.
Thank You that you are providing me ways to apply the Sunday Sermon and
the relationship principles.
I'm praying that this incident will be memorable not only to me but
more so for him.
I pray that what he'll remember will not be the pain nor the wounds
but the love and care provided for him that time, and may
he tearfully refer to this incident when he's faced with the decision
to receive you into his life.

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