Blessed to be a Blessing

Today is the day after the worship camp and I'm thrilled and challenged to cram three-days worth of reflections in a single entry. So let me warn you as early as now that this might be the longest post in my blog so far.

I had a hard time choosing a title for this post. I mean, how could I possible summarize those richly blessed days in a phrase. But hey, I just did. :)

Hmmm, so I went to Antipolo to learn and unlearn things about worship, worshipping and leading people to worship. As I expected, our camp was jam-packed with activities and sessions, eating and recreation and well, walks and talks in between it all.

We were privileged to have listened to Pastor Rommel Guevara, a famous Filipino Pastor/worship leader/ songwriter and I found his personality and our sessions with him the most enjoyable. He talked about what is worship, why worship, how to worship and some other things about worship that I don't remember at all. :) (I might be happily intoxicated during those times.) But what I learned about worship and being led to worship did not transpire inside the four corners of our air-conditioned hall, it happened outside under the grace-filled days and nights with lonesome souls.

Blessing #1: Grace aka "my little blessing"
I was out with her for breakfast the first day of the camp. As I was happily devouring my meal consisting of corned beef, sinangag and fried egg when I started to purposely ask her questions starting with the harmless "Kamusta ka?" which ended up with my food half-consumed and her sobbing her thank yous.

Queen: "Do you realize how beautiful your name is? I think that the reason why your parents named you Grace is because to them you are such a blessing."
Grace: *already crying* "Ate, you are the only person who told me that. Thank you."
While walking back to the campsite, I couldn't help but praise God, how he was there and how he used me --even if all I did was listen and be available -- to be a blessing to "my little blessing". Whatever it is we talked about the sacred morning, you just have to ask her. All I know is that "My little blessing" is a step closer to finding herself and be freed from all her insecurities.

Blessing #2: Kevin
I have been particularly interested in this kid since the first time I met him. His back-off and don't-mess-with-me-or-your-dead stare got my attention right away. I was wondering as to what's with all the rage in him and what's the real reason behind it. I was determined to find out. Our little unexpected date happened the first night of the camp. The sessions were over already and most of the people went swimming. I wanted to go with them but I had to nurse my aching left foot and I convinced myself that I already swam earlier that day so that should be enough. All the realizations the entire day was screaming inside my head which led me desperately to find an internet connection and a decent laptop, so I could videocall Ava, Ate Jiggy and Ate Nini through SKYPE. 30 minutes passed, no internet connection was found. Fortunately, the Lord had better plans. While I was struggling to find an internet connection, Kevin came to hang-out with me. Apparently, he was left all alone because all his roommates, and all the other boys went swimming. Poor kid had no choice left but to talk to me. So I grabbed the opportunity to ask him questions after questions aiming to know somehow how and why he became so enraged. An hour and half later in our conversation..

Queen: "Kevin, you know what, I can totally identify with you. I used to be so angry and all this when I was in college and I am so excited to know who you truly are beneath all this anger and hatred. I am excited to know the real you. I understand because I felt that way before. But I know better now, I know that all this anger, violence and hatred are something foreign. You are not an angry person---you are a person."
Kevin: "Ate, you are the only person who told me that. Most of the people I know or I don't know, judge me right away."
Queen: "May I pray for you this time?"
After praying for him I instantly saw tenderness in his eyes. I sensed he was more relaxed as opposed to his tensed and defensive body language when we started talking.
Queen: "It was nice to listen to you. But I have to go now and rest."
Kevin: "Can we continue talking Ate Queen?"
Queen: "I wish I could but let's do talk some other time ok? You can approach me if there's anything you want talk about, I am willing to listen."
What's so amazing about that conversation was how God sustained me because I needed to pee way before we talked and I lasted for a good hour and a half holding it all in. Haha. Seriously
though, I praised God how he intervened that night by messing the internet connection, He had a better plan for Kevin and me at that time. Your wisdom Oh Lord I cannot fathom. :)

Blessing #3: Key, my roommate
It was God's grace that Key and I spent the night alone in our room. All the rooms are to be shared by three people and we were missing a roommate, that's Ate Ali. So, another poor kid with no other choice but to accompany me. Haha. She went to the camp with another churchmate, so she basically knew no one else. I already met her earlier that day and our short interaction gave me the idea that she is an introvert. Ate pat and I was drawn to her haircut, the short haircut that she always wished she could pull off. Back in our room, I was befriending her and telling her the things I learned and my blessings that day when she poured out her heart to me. Mind you, her HEART was bared in front of my very eyes. I was startled and ashamed for her at that time as I was hearing her story.
Queen: "Aren't the things your sharing with me too personal? Aren't you ashamed to tell these things to a total stranger?"
Key: "Not at all. Because when I first saw you, I knew right away that you were trustworthy and I know that you are true to yourself. It amazes me that at your age, it seems that you have experienced a lot of things already. I wanna be like you Ate Queen."
And remember that I only met her earlier that day. Amazing! Before we part ways, she even left me with a far too precious gift --- a dried/pressed small rose that she picked in Japan when she studied there for High School, so that rose sat inside her Bible for 3 or 4 years, I think. :)

Three lonesome souls, ONE BLESSED DAY of learning about worship and leading people to worship. I am certain that it was the Spirit of God that enabled me to witness it all. All the questions and even the words was carefully provide by Him who is faithful. I am left speechless and in awe how God has been using my journey with Him to influence the people around me. AMAZING AMAZING GOD!


I can live for two months on a good compliment. - Mark Twain

Because of my love language, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to share the other conversations I had in the past weeks. Bear with me, peeps. Come and let's gnaw the affirmations I am loving from different people.

"You are such a kindred spirit Queenie."
"We can't do anything if you're really likable."
".. You are a cactus containing the Spirit of God as living water...and you've just been analogized ;) pero salamat yet again dahil God has used you and I cannot deny my life has been better having tangled with yours for a while. Where that leads me is still a matter of God's will. "
" I met her few months ago. She is an active leader of Campus Crusade for Christ. She is very remarkable [because]of her cute and curly hair. She also reminds me of Kyla. (with angelic voice and looks) Whenever I have problems, I know that she is always there to pray for me. I admire her passion and love for Christ. She is one of my inspirations when it comes in evangelizing people. I love to share the word of God but the fear of being rejected hinders me. I am praying that God will give me the courage that Ate Queen has so that I can bring back the glory to HIM. She is also the one who motivates me to make a blog. Through [my] blog, I can share what God has revealed to me during my quiet time. I can tell the world how great is our God. Thank God for giving Ate Queen to me and to my friends."
"..Your presence brightens my heart piece and the lack of it in the future will sadden me greatly..."
"Whenever we talk, I learn more about myself."
"You are my one and only Ate, no one can replace you."
"Thank you for continually discipling me, for rebuking me, for making me question myself. If not for you, I don't think I'll be thinking of such things. And I were not thinking of such things, I might not be relying solely on God's Power, I would not bring myself in prayer. You are a crucial part of my being and I don't have fancy words to describe how much I appreciate you. All I know is, I thank the heavens for giving me the perfect friend, who cared enough to know the real me. I want you to always remember.., that knowing you was one of the most important phase of my life because I knew more of myself, and loving myself in the process. When you made me look within me I liked what I saw. Two years ago that wasn't the case, and If I knew you then, I might have called you a lunatic and a retard. I look forward to spending my time with you in prayer like what happened [one] Saturday night. I am affirmed that you are the best person to be with during those moments when I painfully grasp for words yet you still understand me then all we can do is cry and laugh together...My prayer for you is that you would remain true to who you are because that is how God shares His love to others; through your heart, through your love...I love you Queenie Joy. You're still my Ming, my wonderful sister in faith. PS Sana.. "

Now I am all the more affirmed that I need not be afraid of being me. I'd rather be rejected for who I am than be loved for who I am not. To all those people I quoted, Sorry if I haven't asked permission beforehand. :)

I have never been as comfortable as I am right now in my own skin. I could not believe how beautiful God made me and how I am joyfully accepting myself at this point of my life.
I'll continue to know more about my God, and in the process of seeking Him I'll know more about myself. And as I continue to journey knowing myself, I'll help more people know more about themselves.

I conclude that I am blessed to be a blessing. I will not withdraw this gift. "I know I am filled to be emptied again, so the seeds I receive I will sow."

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be, now
Gonna let the light, shine on me
Now I've found, who I am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who I want to be
This is me

You're the voice I hear inside my head
The reason that I'm singing
I need to find you, I gotta find you
You're the missing piece I need
The song inside of me
I need to find you, I gotta find you

-Demi Lovato,"This is Me"

I am now
In a world where I have to
Hide my heart
And what I believe in
But somehow
I will show the world
What's inside my heart
And be loved for who I am..
..There's a heart that must
Be free to fly
That burns with a need
To know the reason why
Why must we all conceal
What we think
How we feel
Must there be a secret me
I'm forced to hide?
I won't pretend that I'm
Someone else
For all time
-Christina Aguilera, "Reflection"


Matthew 16:25-27 (New International Version)

25For whoever wants to save his lifea](in Greek: Soul or life) will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. 26What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

1 Peter 3:3-5 (New International Version)

3Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.4Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.5For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful.


  1. Long, not really, because it was a blessing to read. God is using you awesomely and truly you are inspiring many. You have quickly become my favourite person and it looks like many others would say the same.
    You being you challenges me to be a better me and I luv ya for that. Thank God for you and for strengthening your bladder :P
    I'll be praying for you, God Bless Queenie ;)

  2. Now I think my love tank is overflowing already that I can go without a compliment beyond two months. ;)

    Galatians 1:24 "And they praised God because of me."

    This verse, so short yet so powerful. And I praise our Sweet Lord for shining His light in my life. My happy tears keeps on flowing and all I could do is fall prostrate before God and worship Him as His ways are really mysterious. As I told Ava before, I will not try to understand how and why these things are happening to me and all I will do is be available to be used by God. I could not ask for more, I revel in God's Grace.

    Super thank you Kuya. Be blessed!

  3. You've said it all. Naiiyak na lang ako, pero happy tears. We are who we are and let's embrace that. i love you. God loves us more. =)

  4. I know! and I am oh so very very excited sa daily sanctifications and pruning that God is doing in our lives. I am with you, let's cry out our praises for God's glory.