out of circulation? part 1

with Chanel
I miss our 4am h and h.
Pasta, h1n1 scare, sleeping on the same bed, dreams and visions, bible studies and praying together,
I miss your laughter and your tears.
I miss your embrace.
See you soon, my dear chanel.

(l-r)Ate Gren, Joji, Joy,Ishi, Charity, Chanel, Ate Amy, Mama Dina

I miss you all.

With Ate Sam aka Mary- Kate

See? This picture was taken when you still had Foxy, where have I been to?
I miss hearing you laugh.
I miss seeing you practice your guitar skills tirelessly.
I miss you.

with Ate Ali aka Ashley

I am so thin, stick thin. GRABE! I miss dropping by your house and going to Mcdonalds to buy fries.
I miss you calling me in the middle of the day just to say that you can't sleep so you ask me to go to your house
in like 5mins when my house is an hour away.
I miss you.

with Carol and some one's hand

I've been missing you since you started working. BAKIT KASI GRAVEYARD SHIFT?
When was the last we 'talked'?
I miss you.

with the PUP CCC interns 2009

I missed...the pool.
Kidding aside, I missed you all.
I remember last year, same month when I cried because of some misunderstanding among us.
It was our first 'fight' since we became interns.
I miss us eating together, praying together, doing MPD together and goofing around.
I missed you all.
Is a reunion in order here?

PUP CCC MCT3(entire team)

I miss each and everyone of you.
I miss working with you guys.
I miss eating breakfast with you while we study the Word and pray together.
I miss our accountability.
I miss the love.
I miss you all.

with Tonet and Ate Ey

Ohhhh my gummiii bearssss!
This was taken after the Ondoy relief operations we had.
How I miss you both.
I miss how you sit so close to me.
I miss hearing your struggles and how you trust me to disciple you in small and big ways.
I miss how transparent you are to me.
Ate Ey.
I miss our breakfast dates at Mcdo.
I miss how you listen to me intently whenever I update about my life.
I miss hearing you say that you are always reminded by God to pray for me.
I miss you.

(clockwise) LA, Kenet, Jamie[Moinx], Reggie, Bryan, Andrew[Daddy], JL, Steve[Sanchez]
with my college friends
(missing in action:Joe, Mark, Majo, Kei)

Oh how I miss you all.
I miss studying with you guys.
I miss eating lunch in 5mins so that we can play computer games longer.
I miss playing ball every night after class till the school closes.
I miss how we make fun of each other(though mostly you make fun of either me or reggie)
I miss you all.

with Ate Jiggy

I miss you so much.
I miss how we 'fight' whenever we talk.
I miss how you raise your eyebrows when you disagree with what I say.
I miss you asking me kamusta and how we date each other at random coffee shops and restos.
I miss you calling me often just to ask if Im doing ok and to tell me of little things.
I miss you.

with High School Buddies/Bandmates

I miss you all guys.
drums, bass, rhythm, lead, vocals + spectators
I miss practicing with you.
Making music.
I miss you all.

Simply Captivating(my cellgroup sisters)
Eating out.
I miss every beauty.


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