Canon EOS 5d Mark III
very very yummy

Of course I still am in awe of my eyes like I said before it is the best camera in the universe and yet I cant help sighing whenever I see this baby. Oh Lord, I wait for your precious timing. Obviously, I cant afford to buy one of this and even if I can afford it I will not buy for the full-price. Good thing, My King owns all things and I can ask him to provide it for free or for little cost. Thanks Randy Alcorn, for discipling me through your study of the Book.

Canon Powershot D10
underwater baby
Im a big fan of underwater photography. I also enjoy swimming and swimming and swimming and more swimming. Here's a good evidence of me being an Aqualung.

I believe Princess Ariel when she said that there a
whole new world underwater.

These are the two cameras I wanna own.

By now you may have noticed that I'm a huge Canon fan.
I super love the user-friendliness of their stuff.

To my future kiddies, I will meet you soon.

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