The curliness factoid

There's no better way to "open" this new outlet of my brain than talking about my strangely beautiful mess of complicated and totally twisted hair.(Try saying that ten times while jumping and texting all at the same time.)

We found 65% of women have naturally curly/wavy hair, mostly Brown. While 35% are naturally straight!
--from http://answers.kgb.com/what-percentage-of-people-in-the-world-have-naturally-straight-hair/1763357

SO yeah,I am a naturally curly headed kid. Both my parents are curly tops. Only one of my sibling has super-duper-mirror-shiny hair better than Anniston. Growing up, I hated my hair, no, I loathed my hair. I often wished it was straight so that my mom don't have to wake up at 4am just to "fix" my hair. Most of my gradeschool years I looked like Jolina Magdangal or Ms. No Good. I had cornrows, millions of candy-colored scrunchies, headbands and oh yeah, my mom always braids my hair, to tame the frizz-ies I think.

Back then, I brushed my hair believing the myth that "one must brush her hair a hundred times a day" only to find out that my hair is angered by this activity. Hayy,I end up disappointed and more
angered frizz-ies to loathe.

I was oblivious of how my hair really looked like minus the frizz, perm, scrunchies and braids until two years ago. It was my last straight perm, after discovering the site
Naturally Curly, I became curious as to what my hair really looked like. The ladies in that site has a certain glow when they finally embraced their

So I made the risky decision to quit perming my hair, let it grow out and chop my hair once it reached my collar bone.

2 loooooooooooooonnnggggg years later, one late night last October 2009 before going home I went to a local salon to part with my
horse-like-permed-ends. I told my stylist to just chop off the straight hair. I wish I was more specific but putting a dotted line where my curls and straight-ies meet so that he could cut along the lines. To my horror he cut my hair very bluntly encouraging the volume even more. You see a curly top like me cannot and I mean CANNOT have a blunt haircut, they magnify the already exaggerated volume of my curls. There was no remedy, my haircut was way above my collarbone so I cannot ask him to layer it. Oh well.

Four months since that horrifying night, I gain new friends. To this day I consumed four bottles of
VO5 Curling Mousse, 3 bottles of Schwarzkopf Zero frizz 100% rescue conditioner and still one bottle for next month, half a bottle of Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner and 2 packs of Kolours hair dye. Also, I use my fingers to detangle so I only combed my hair twice since October. :)
I learned
plopping too, which made me look like Queen Amidala daily after I shower.

I am yet try out the
CG method, maybe after I finish my last bottle of Zero-frizz. Im excited!

Im loving my curls because God coiled them individually and that makes me feel special. :)

last straight perm 2007


curls unleashed
forever keeping her curls

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