My old, yellow tumbler commands me to refresh with the room-temperature water it contains. The cursor blinks ten million times a second. My space bar is jammed and makes this annoying sound every time I exert pressure on it. The colleague in the next cubicle is putting on make-up and then decides to sleep. I, on the other hand, have only two things in my mind: food and sleep. I wonder why I get hungry during 16:oo, I hate it because I have to wait till 20:oo before I could eat. I am very hungry now. I don't have a student. I should be soundtrippin' right now but Youtube is blocked on this computer. Sucks. My workstation was occupied by another teacher so I had to move to this other station. The abundance of of fluorescent bulbs,sixteen of them to be exact,makes me dizzy and eventually sleepy. I should buy my own portable tungsten lamp soon to cancel out the power of the fluorescent lights. Yea, I am in love with tungsten lamps. They give me this feeling of serenity that is kinda difficult to explain. I love how they resemble the soft,calm light of the sunrise. I love tungsten street lamps, even better when it is raining. We have one just outside our house. I could see it through our window and when Im sad, I just go ahead and watch the post for hours on end. It is refreshing.

Google translate makes me laugh nowadays. If you don't know about it, I encourage you to try it now. Well, I had Google translate my facebook account into Tagalog and the result made me laugh.

Relationship Status: Single = Status na Pangrelasyon: Nag-iisa.

I bursted out laughing.


  1. hahaha!
    i love it.
    very emo lang =))

  2. Im happy na nagets mo! Laughtrip talaga ko nung nabasa ko yun. Eherm, nag-iisa ka din diba? HAhahaha!