does (influence + inspiration)=influration?

Ever since I started teaching, I neglected my daily routine of sunbathing. I miss it badly and it saddens me much because I cant do anything about it. I could not wake up as early as I did before and risk losing precious rest.

Also, I missed writing and pouring my heart out in articles and blog entries. I have drafted too many entries but I cant find the time to polish nor finish them. It will be a shame it I dare post them all jumbled. So nowadays, I resort frequently to music and poems and short articles that somehow express how I feel. They might not be original but they serve their purpose, that is to convey even just a part of my daily journey.

Recently, I found amazing talents who inspired me to go back to making music and just enjoy the things I like to do without thinking what people will say. As a result, I sang more often. Im not sure if its a good or a bad thing because early this morning, I overheard a conversation between my father and my neighbor. Apparently, this neighbor heard me singing whilst cooking and he went and asked my father if that's how I usually am. My father said. "Yea, she's usually like that. She sings anywhere, while taking a shower, cooking, watching TV or whatever she's doing." At first I was embarrassed, but then again to me singing seemed as essential as breathing and parents knew that very well. They never complained about the "noise" I made. They allowed me to explore and be creative. They never pointed out the fact that I sometimes sing a song over and over again. Many times a day, seven times a week until it becomes stale and then I move on to another song and repeat the cycle all over again. Haa, I just love my parents.

One artist that I discovered recently is Laura Marling. She is only 20 years old right now but her music blew me away. Most of her songs were penned when she was younger and it is amazing how deep and meaningful her songs are. Pure poetry. She is truly extraordinary and distinct. I love her.

Here's a song of her that perfectly expresses my thoughts at this moment.

I must sunbathe soon to recharge my energy. Im dying. :(

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