Cute as a button

No, Im not pertaining to "Evita" the Argentine political leader.
Im talking about my neighbor's restless 2-year-old kid who I happen to adore so much.

Evita lives a house away from us. Her mom, around 18 years of age, is good friends with my Mom. They usually drop by our house during the afternoons and today was not an exception. Before Vita could even enter our humble home, you'll hear her calling out my name or mom's name. Her voice echoes as she repeatedly screams out each of our names. If she can't find me downstairs, she'll go up our spiral staircase fearlessly and raids my room. She speaks in a monotonous voice like that of a robot or android. We like to mimic her manner of speech a lot. She rummages through my things all the time, looking for anything that might interest her.

The telephone receiver inside my room caught her attention today. She kept on dialing random numbers and murmurs things we don't understand. Probably bored by common things, Vita pulled our telephone across the room like a leashed animal and continued screaming "Lapit!(Closer!)".She remained that way for like 10 minutes or so.

Sitting in front of my laptop while waiting for my pictures to finish uploading, I amused myself by watching her intently. By now she was seated on my bed, attacking the telephone mercilessly. The phone might misbehaved or something. She continued poundin the receiver to the concrete floor muttering "Stop it!" again and again. I was shocked hearing foreign words from her mouth. Until now, I still wonder what the telephone receiver did to deserve such a beating.

To keep her from completely ruining the telephone(which is not far-off as the receiver is already black-and-blue), Mom decided to give her a bar of chocolates. You shouldve seen the look on her face at the sight of chocolate. She ate chunks at a time, not at all bothering to chew the chocolate properly. She finished the entire bar in a breeze.

Evita can be annoying at times but more than that I love how she keeps me refreshed and youthful. Our household bursts to life whenever she's around. She always reminds me, that God can use ordinary people to act as fissures wherein eternity flows through. She's not just an entertainment but a source of joy to her family and mine. She is a constant reminder that God uses humble things of this world to stop me dead in my tracks and make me re-evaluate whether I am fixing my gaze on heavenly or earthly things. And I love her for that.

Got to keep an eternal perspective always
to be as blissful as Evita

The pictures here are the only decent ones I captured.
I wish to show you more but Vita refuses to stay put for a picture without being distracted by anything she sees.

Colossians 3:1 (New International Version)

1Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

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